Tour Wrap-up!

I’m home again after an amazing seven-day tour for The Son of Neptune. Thank you to all the fans who came out for an Olympian Week event. You can see a few shots from the events above. For a complete photo album, check my Facebook page!

I wish I’d been taking notes during the tour, because there were so many great moments. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some incredible interactions since they all went by so quickly. One boy gave me a Roman coin to take with me for good luck. Another said, “I thank God that he put you here to write these books!” Many fans shared stories they’d written or pictures they’d drawn. And the costumes were incredible! I saw dozens of Medusas, a Tyson with his own jar of peanut butter, several young satyrs, a Jason, half a dozen Pipers, two Reynas, several Leos with tool belts, and scores of Annabeths in NY Yankees caps! A mom and son team came dressed as Sally Jackson and the Minotaur. Several people brought me blue candy, blue cookies, and even a hot dog.

We estimate that I met roughly 12,000 fans in the course of seven days, and signed well over 25,000 books. I’m so grateful to the sponsors of each event who made everything run so smoothly, and to the fans who waited so patiently and were so understanding with the limits of the signing line. I managed to arrive by Hades’s chariot in Columbia, SC without scaring poor Belle the horse, who wasn’t used to thousands of screaming kids. I arrived in Mission Viejo, CA in an 800-lb. metal chariot pulled by Spartan warriors, yet managed not to run over anyone’s toes. I arrived on the docks in Olympia, WA in Poseidon’s yacht without getting seasick or falling overboard. And I made it through the Toronto Airport despite a labor slowdown that was a curse from Hermes. Major victories!

The Son of Neptune’s launch week was a huge success, by far the biggest of my career so far. It has debuted at #1 on the bestseller lists for New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the story.

So what happens next? I’m back to writing. I’ve already (mostly) wrapped up work on Kane Chronicles #3, which comes out in May. We’ll announce the title and show the cover for that book in another few months, so stay tuned. Now I’m turning my attention to the Heroes of Olympus, Book 3: The Mark of Athena.

To all the fans who’ve asked if I can release that book immediately: Well, no, because it doesn’t exist yet. I kind of have to write it first. I’m giving it my undivided attention, and it will be out in the fall of 2012 as promised, but I’m afraid that’s as fast as I can possibly finish it. When we have an exact release date, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, sorry about the cliffhanger in The Son of Neptune . . . wait, no I’m not! I always do cliffhangers. I’m just evil that way. But rest assured, there was a reason I had to end the book there.

And now, back to writing. Thanks again to my readers – the best fans in the world!